Tai Ji Quan

The New Zealand National Tai Chi Chuan Association Inc was established by the students of  Loo-Chi Hu in 1988. The Association has branches in Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington with membership throughout New Zealand. The title "National" came about by affiliation with the Tai Chi Society in Taiwan. The Association provides an annual Festival and quarterly Newsletter.

The Tai Chi Chuan Association's motivation is to bring people together and share in the unique opportunity to learn the ancient Taoist (Daoist) art of Tai Chi Chuan (Tai Ji Quan).

Loo-Chi Hu began study of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan in 1941 under Chen Wei-Ming in Shanghai, China. Chen Wei-Ming is a renowned student of Yang family third generation master Yang Cheng-Fu. 
Chen Wei Ming also studied Ba Gua and Xing Yi with Sun Lu Tang

Yang Cheng Fu   
Chen Wei Ming
Hu Loo Chi


Yang ChengFu and Chen WeiMing.mp4 - YouTube

DaoArts is a member of The New Zealand Tai Chi Chuan Association and teaches the following:

Tai Ji Quan Yang style

Small Circle Form - Tai Ji Qi Gong, an easy to learn short form covering Tai Ji principles and exploring the 8 energies and 5 phases

Yang Family Traditional Long Form - Yang style from Hu Loo Chi (student of Chen Wei Ming) Suitable for those committed to long-term study.

Push Hands - Tai Ji Quan uses the practice of pushing hands to explore and understand the martial applications of the form. Through sensitivity training one learns the skill of adhering, connecting, and following and also to firm ones center.
To complete the art of Tai ji Quan both the body (form) and use (application) are necessary.
Practicing the form is to understand oneself.
Practicing with a partner is to understand others.

Tai Ji Quan Sun Style

 Sun style Tai Ji Quan - ( Sun Lu-Tang)
Sun Style Qi Gong and Form - Agile step form with higher stance and Qi Gong movements very beneficial for health and agility.
Sun style is a synthesis of Hao (Wu) style Tai Ji, Xing Yi and Ba Gua.

Sun Lu Tang

Chen Wei Ming

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