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Traditional Health Arts

Tai Ji Quan ~ Qi Gong ~ Qi Nei Zang

"adding Life to your years"

DaoArts Specialise in

Yang and Sun Style Tai Ji Quan

Wild Goose, Seven Star and Healing Sounds
 Qi Gong

Qi Nei Zang and Qi Gong massage

Short Bio

Richard Clark has a lifetime experience in health and fitness with a history of athletics, gymnastics and martial arts during school years and since 1981 has embarked on a journey of meditation, healing and internal martial arts.
Richard draws on the depth and experience as well as insights gained during these years of training and teaching in Tai Ji, Qigong, Meditation and Healing in a variety of settings   across a broad spectrum of local and international students from age 7 to those in the retirement years of their lives. These include teaching in schools to all levels, tertiary students and general public of all ages, as well as to specialist groups in corporate settings, through to those suffering from specific ailments such as cancer and arthritis.
Richard has been fortunate to have met and studied with many skilled teachers and practitioners both in New Zealand and overseas and attempts to offer authentic methods of practice within an easily accessible curriculum.
While maintaining an interest in and recognising the importance of Tai Ji Quan as Martial Art, Richards primary focus is in health and wellbeing and facilitating those interested in becoming more connected through self-awareness while developing responsibility for individual health and well being.

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